One of the truths of our time is this hunger deep in people all over the planet for coming into relationship with each other.
-M.C. Richards

Infant and Toddler
Gina Abegg – Program Leadership
Lorie Federman – Practicum Coordinator
Nancy Kinney – Toddler Pedagogy, Toddler Environmental Design, Toddler Observation
Susan Tracy McDaniel – Infant Pedagogy, Infant Environmental Design, Infant Observation, Personal Growth
Melody Patton – Montessori Philosophy, IT Course Coordinator, Child Family and Community, Personal Growth
Siobhan Sullivan – Child Development

Early Childhood
Nancy Ahlstrand – Guest Presenter
Brian Bucenec – Music
Lorie Federman – Sensorial, Practicum Coordinator
Therese Hester – Math
Betsy Hoke – Montessori Philosophy, Classroom Leadership
Rebecca Howell – Cultural (Science)
Sonnie McFarland – Guest Presenter
Lyn Mead – Coordination Assistance
Alice Renton – Guest Presenter
Lynn Filler-Richards – Observation, Child Development
Elizabeth Ross – Art
Kathryn Ross – Language, Cultural
Gisela Tilch – Guest Presenter
Patricia West – Practical Life
Vida West – Cultural (Science)

Elementary I-II
Laura Alexander – Science II
Betsy Hoke – Montessori Philosophy
Patrick Howard – Universe I-II
Heather Legendre – Art I-II
Betsy Lockhart – EL Coordinator, Classroom Leadership I-II, Language I-II
Ann Massengill – Music I-II
Tanya Muftic-Streicher – Practical Life I
Jean Rashkin – Language I
Alice Renton – Guest Presenter
Michelle Rogers – Curriculum Design
Carolyn Striker – Math I, Geometry I, PE, Practical Life II
Char Weaver – Living World (Biology I)
Robert Williams – Math II, Geometry II
Judy Yormick – Fractions I-II, Biology II, History II

Merrie King – Executive Director
Lorie Federman – Practicum Coordinator IT and EC
Betsy Lockhart – Elementary Coordinator and Elementary Practicum Coordinator
Susan Roth – Financial Director, Photojournalist
Humberto and Gloria Rivero – Rivers Cleaning

Past Executive Directors
Virginia Hennes
Dorothy (Dot) Thompson

MECR Board of Directors
Dede Beardsley, President
Susan Leibfritz, Vice President
Linda Allred, Treasurer
Lorie Federman
Linda Gottschalk
Merrie King
Alice Renton