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To share school / professional news with our Montessori community, please send a brief announcement to If appropriate, you may attach a 1-page pdf or a photograph to illuminate your news. Please be sure to include contact information in case we have questions.

Food Drive Continues!
November 2014
During the summer of 2013, one of our wonderful EC Students, Lisa Lamb, spear-headed a food drive at MECR. We are thrilled to report that our 2014-15 students are continuing this wonderful work and so far we have donated 661.3 lbs of food as well as $115 in cash donations to Harvest of Hope Pantry in Boulder. Harvest of Hope is working hard to help those affected by the recent flooding in our area. We will continue in these efforts to give back to our local community. Thank you, Lisa!

INVEST IN US – National Effort to Support Early Education
December 2014
On December 10, 2014, President Barack Obama hosted the White House Summit on Early Education. Read what individuals, professionals, businesses and not-profits are doing and join the effort! The website is:
Here is one specific example of direct support for Montessori education: Trust for Learning has been supporting national collaborative Montessori for the last three years and they made a commitment at the Summit to continue this work. See more here.

Listings now being accepted for Rental Housing for next year’s MECR summer students
August, 2014
Do you have a room, apartment, or house that would be suitable for one of our summer students? To list your rental on our website at no charge, complete the posting at Housing. Questions? Contact us at or at 303-494-3002.

Current EC students Alejandra Duflos and Vicky Thrasher were interviewed on Spanish radio regarding Dual-language instruction.
CLICK HERE to hear the interview.

Yoga! From Kristen Costello, Frequent MECR Workshop Presenter
Kristen is leading a yoga retreat at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Nosara, Costa Rica from March 21 – 28. It will be a wonderful time to deepen your practice and enjoy this amazing community on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Space is limited so if you are interested in reserving a spot please send your registration indicating the type of accommodations you desire and your deposit ASAP and no later than Sept. 1st. If you have any questions or special requirements, please give Kristen a call. CLICK HERE for more information.

Introducing the First Public Montessori School in Ft. Collins! Fort Collins Montessori School
May, 2014
This first year they will have 2 EC Classrooms and 1 Elementary I classroom. Their facility at Immanuel Christian Reformed Church at 1900 Taft Hill Road provides a peaceful, calm and safe environment while they seek their permanent facility. FCMS is recruiting students for EC and Elementary I. If you are interested or know someone who is, please visit their website at:

Introducing an exciting new book by Dr. Dee Joy Coulter:
Original Mind: Uncovering Your Natural Brilliance

April, 2014
Original Mind takes us on an odyssey back to our “beginner’s mind” and into our many undeveloped potentials. Through fascinating research, insights, stories and engaging practices largely overlooked by other “brain science” books, neuroscience and learning pioneer Dee Joy Coulter challenges us to question the conventional definitions and limitations of our minds, and then to move beyond them. This delight-driven odyssey explores a vast landscape of untapped dimensions of consciousness.