MECR is…


  • Talented Montessori Educators, Experienced with Teaching Children and Adults
    MECR instructors are highly trained, dedicated teachers with decades of classroom experience teaching children, as well as significant experience teaching adults. They are committed to personal excellence and to providing authentic Montessori instruction and experiences to our students. Our instructors and field consultants take a personal interest in the success of each student, often forming lasting professional relationships. Students tell us how much they appreciate the professionalism, enthusiasm, and caring attitude of our faculty and staff.
  • A Collaborative Learning Environment
    Once accepted to MECR, you become a member of a cohort that learns cooperatively with and from one another. MECR encourages collaboration rather than competition, thus benefiting the entire cohort. This bond often continues during the practicum phase, even when teaching in different schools or even different states, growing into life-long friendships.
  • Waiting to Meet YOU!
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  • Located in Beautiful Boulder, Colorado
    Boulder is a lively college town, home to the University of Colorado; cultural events abound! With 300+ days of sunshine per year, and the mountains at our doorstep, there is no shortage of choice for weekend activities!

  • A Fully-Equipped Facility
    MECR courses are held in well-equipped, air-conditioned classrooms, specifically designed for teacher training. A full set of Montessori learning materials appropriate to the age level is provided for demonstration and student practice. MECR maintains a comprehensive library of books, media and Montessori journals for student use.

  • Far-Reaching
    MECR graduates teach throughout Colorado and around the globe. Become part of the network of engaged and committed Montessori educators. Start here and weave your web throughout the world.


  • Quality Preparation for a Career in Montessori Education
    MECR is a nationally recognized, high-quality Montessori teacher training program. Students come to MECR from Colorado, but also from all over the US and international locations. Our students bring a broad diversity of work and personal experiences with them, creating an interesting and stimulating dynamic.

  • A Well-Established, Reliable Program
    Founded in 1978, we combine legacy and innovation to offer three highly regarded teacher education certification courses. Demand for our courses is high, so we are able to teach each course level every summer.

  • Uniquely Able to Disburse Federal Financial Aid Funds
    MECR is eligible to disburse Title IV funds, which means that our full-time students who are U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens, and have financial need, may qualify for Pell Grants or Federal Student Loans.

  • Committed to Supporting the Development of Each Student
    MECR’s goal is to prepare adults who wish to help children develop their unique potential as human beings. We accomplish this by providing a learning experience that integrates Montessori philosophy, methodology and current concepts of human development. We are committed to supporting the individual growth and interests of adult students, including those who may be encountering Montessori for the first time. Additionally, MECR instructors are helping to build the future of Montessori education through their publications, conference presentations, and development of new materials, and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with students. If this committed, focused passion for children and for education sounds exciting to you, MECR may be the place to start your career as a Montessori educator!